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Scrum Part 6 - Rules

Scrum has a set of predefined rules. In this last post about the Scrum fundamentals, I will give you an overview of the different rules.

Product Backlog Rules

The Product Backlog must be visible and available at all time. The Product Backlog is usually digital, for example in TFS or Jira. The top Backlog Items should be as detailed as necessary so everyone on the team can understand it. One feature should not take more than one day of work. If the feature takes too much time, it needs to be broken down into separate, smaller features.

Development Team Rules

Do the Daily Stand-up every morning. The team is also responsible to manage its own process. This means that the team is responsible for updating the progress at least once a day.

The team should never change within the sprint. It can be a big disruption if the team is changing which can lead to not reaching the set goals.

The development team has to make sure that the Definition of Done adheres. The last rule is that the team is responsible to track the velocity of the sprint. This can also be done with tools like TFS or Jira. If you already use TFS as your source control, I highly recommend you using it as your sprint planning tool too.

Product Owner Rules

The Product Owner is responsible for the Product Backlog. This includes ordering the items according to their priority and making sure that they are well enough described so that the team can understand them. If the Product Owner makes a decision, the organization must respect this decision.

Scrum Master Rules

The Scrum Master is responsible for facilitating all scrum meetings. He is a coach or moderator who helps the team to solve problems and improve the quality of the work. The Scrum Master does not decide which work will be done. Often someone with management experience works in this role. It’s also possible that the Scrum Master is someone from within the team.

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