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Speaking about Azure Arc at BASTA! Fall 2022 in Mainz

I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at the BASTA! Fall 2022 conference in Frankfurt, Germany. My session, titled ‘Bring DevOps to the Swiss Alps’, will explore the challenges and solutions for implementing DevOps practices in a remote and mountainous environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from my experience and gain valuable insights into the field. See you at the conference!

You can join the session in-person, or remote to learn more about Azure Arc and managing your on-premises Kubernetes cluster with Azure. You can find more information on the conference website.

The abstract for my session is as follows:

Bring DevOps to the Swiss Alps

Most companies use cloud services for their projects nowadays. These companies leverage the seemingly endless scalability and the elastic pricing model of the cloud. Nevertheless, many projects still cannot use cloud services for various reasons. These may encompass regulatory restrictions, data protection, or just having an existing on-premises infrastructure.

While these are all valid causes, why not combine an existing on-premises infrastructure with the power of the cloud? This is where Azure Arc comes into play. Azure Arc allows to project on-premises infrastructure into Azure and then apply Azure services like Azure Monitor or Azure Policy on the on-premises infrastructure.

This session shows how a Swiss company uses Azure Arc to manage an on-premises Kubernetes cluster. Using Azure Arc enables the development team to leverage the power of the cloud and provide a streamlined DevOps process. All this can be achieved without the cluster being accessible from the internet.

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